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Anita - Brazil - 2024-07-14   good

Its really a pleasure to do business with you. Ordered a couple time and never got any problems. YOU ARE MARVELOUS !!!! All right thanks 4 all Dude !!

SpecialDelivery - France - 2024-07-14   good

Merci beaucoup ! Thank you for all, This service is perfect !! I will order back in few days.

Freefucker - USA - 2024-07-14   good

One of TOR very best, a pleasure to deal with, extremely fast and good value.

kirua1205 - Argentina - 2024-07-13   good

Superb service ! Just as described and fast shipping, would definitely recommend A+

Kr4sniqi - Kosovo - 2024-07-13   good

Excellent transaction. Overjoyed ! I'm in the game now =) Thank you soooooo much !

naahihi - India - 2024-07-12  good

Great seller, A1! The deal was done quickly and the Visa cards works fine. TOP VENDOR

CHUCK. - USA - 2024-07-12   good

I am very happy with the order I've placed on you guys. All went fine. Very good & prompt service, thx a lot...

DAJIZZZ - USA - 2024-07-12   good


CwaLker - USA - 2024-07-12   good

Thanks, I receive it ! it's fucking awesome ! thanks a lot ! I will order back soon

Kuitar - UK - 2024-07-12   good

Very interesting !!We got a little bit problems with transfer but figure it out and i got my money + a little bonus :)

LuckyBBOY - US - 2024-07-10  good

You have the best service ever ! keep it on as long as possible pls !!!

MZiviani - Indonesia - 2024-07-10  good

Greetings, thank you very much for this wonderful acquisition. Highest Recommendation would buy again.

Hüliya - Turkey - 2024-07-09  good

Easy transaction received quickly i'm extremely happy :) even better than described. Thank U :)

theGambler - UK - 2024-07-09  good

Amazing ! Awesome ! Genuine and very helpful !You can only be happy with such good service !!! :D Thank you very much !!!!

*Shruti* - India - 2024-07-09  good

Quick and easy, the perfect deal, classy Seller will do big future business. Thanks :D

XxX - USA - 2024-07-09  good

DAMN Thanks a lot DUDE!! Its just fucking crazy !!!

chantal - columbia - 2024-07-08  good

great service. was scammed a couple times before but now im happy.

Volcanikzz - Canada - 2024-07-07  good

Item arrived as described.

sstarl1234 - Russia - 2024-07-07  good

One of TOR's Very Best !!!

janeywhite - USA - 2024-07-07   good

Excellent Service... Expertly described I'm Loving this deal...

Numero_UNO - Italia - 2024-07-07  good

100% recommended!!!

Paul K - UK - 2024-07-07  good

Received my paypal transfer in 10 minitunes. Will get back soon.

H - Germany - 2024-07-07   good

Finally 2 days ago after reading all of the reviews and asking all of my friends who know somthing about deepweb I decided to order a transfer from alpha with the minimum amount. to try the service after payment first I received an E-mail within 5 minitues and 10 minitues later I received the amount on my personal paypal account. The operation was that quick that couldn't believe. I just want to say thank you and wish you all best hope to do more business with you and also hope this quarantine finish soon.

Emrat - Ukraina - 2024-07-07   good

happy that I found you during this war.My family was straggling to make some money to survive.hope it's gonna finish soon and so I can do more business with you. 5* service.Thank you for you support, stay safe and god bless

R - India - 2024-07-06  good

fast paypal transfer thank you sir

KExoep1 - UK - 2024-07-06  good

Thank you

Mr.banana - USA - 2024-07-05  good

I just received the card!Good stealth bro tnx

Rajkhan - India - 2024-07-04  bad

Please consider a discount code for old customer sir! it is my 12th order no discount!please discount

L - USA - 2024-07-03  good

Fast and smooth proccess, a big + for alpha

anonymous king - Mexico - 2024-07-02  good

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Awesome Awesome thank you very much

f - India - 2024-07-01  bad

my paypal transfer take 40 min to come to my acc!!! please be fast sir to save your reputation

Kev - Germany - 2024-07-01  good

Ok I bought a 5000$ card I bought an iphone from amazon without problems, Now I want to ask can I ask for some discount if I buy 10x Cards? do any guy here had some discount in bulk shoppin? Please Email me order ID #77428

Robster - Turkey - 2024-07-01  good

Just ordered a paypal transfer eveything good and well no limit no bullshit. tnx

P - Ukraine - 2024-07-01  good

THNKSSS you saved me +++ GOD BLESS YOU +++

Anita - Brazil - 2024-06-30  good


pab - Mexico - 2024-06-29  good

Everything went fine- will come back to you these days

FedIsMADDDD - USA - 2024-06-28  good

Very Professional, problem free thanks a god damn ton

LeBOSSdu92 - France - 2024-06-28  good

Fabulous ! You guys are just The Best ! Great Deal thanks for all ! First Rate !!

Make - Pakistan - 2024-06-28  bad

paypal money arrived after 2 hours. thats not professional..

lapin_cretin - France - 2024-06-27  good

Bid With Confidence, received the Paypal transfer after 40 min. Just As Described, Satisfied 100% :D Merci !

XXXXXXX - USA - 2024-06-27  good

Very fast delivery

BLACKHATj - Canada - 2024-06-26  good

A1 vendor on deepweb , fast del , would deal again thx

XorgDashKK - USA - 2024-06-26  good

A smooth and trouble- free transaction with excellent service throughout !

OhMyDollz - Germany - 2024-06-25  good

You are simply the best !! I'm enjoying my new activity and hope to make endless money with you guys !!! ✔❤❤❤

EDEN_HAZARDD - Belgium - 2024-06-25  good


Ted - UK - 2024-06-25  good

Quick shipment - Really Great job sir!!!

Smaug - Russia - 2024-06-24  good

Great Product ! hope we earn money on 2023. Fair and fast dealing, Highly Recomended seller.

Blackmamba - Nigeria - 02.09.2023  good

very helpful.thank you very much for the prompt delivery. great to do business with.

Xhtml_boy - Chili - 02.09.2023  good

let us make a stack of money bro

thatEgirl - UK - 01.09.2023  good

I'm a college student I paid this year fee from working with you guys.Best start for my new life, thank you very much regards

Kamara - Tanzania - 29.08.2023  good

received in 10 min fast and secure

L - Germany - 28.08.2023  good

good deal will come back soon with big orders for you

Darklord - India - 26.08.2023  good

thank you good sir

Laura - Estonia - 25.08.2023  good

I ordered 5 cards but one of the cards didn't worked I emailed the support they changed it for free.manny thanks

capslock - Italy - 23.08.2023  bad

it took long around 3 hours to receive my western union transfer sorry I will give you a bad review expected to come sooner

$king - USA - 17.08.2023  good

best store ever !!!thanks

Amano - South Africa - 16.08.2023  good

for my brothers who despartly looking for a trusted vendor alpha is the best

Alejandro - Spain - 16.08.2023  good

received ty

MrShopper - Austria - 15.08.2023  good

Nice job guys...ALPHACARDS 4 LIVE !!!!

YesWeCan - London - 13.08.2023  good

Greeeeeat ! thxxx for all mate... I really appreciate my purchase ! Mate you are a GOD !!! <3 thx & take care

Svenskeren - Norway - 12.08.2023  good

The Full info EU credit cards are very good with a lightning fast delivery. Classy & Perfect seller. Thank you !

Faruk - Istanbul / Turkey - 11.08.2023  good

All Top. Fast DD . Good Product. I ll order again

Théo - Prag - 11.08.2023  good

Thank you for that nice service my friend. Never aspected to find guys who takin it serious like you. Will recommend you to all my friends.

ZLATAN_Ibrahimovic - Sweden - 09.08.2023  good

i very happy. you guys helped me a lot.

Lena - Canada - 07.08.2023  good

I had fear to spend my money on deepweb but these guys doing a professional business here. Thx a lot

Mayrc - India - 06.08.2023  good

Thanks for a quick deal sir

Chico - Columbia - 02.08.2023  good


Martin - Austria - 01.08.2023  good

First order arrived. Orderd 22.07 , sent 23.07, arrived 30.07, very good shipping time. This Vendor understand the meaning oft "Stealth", the stealth is perfect !!!! cards worked without any problems.

Thomas - Netherlands - 27.07.2023  good

10/10. Ordersystem works well and thank you for the fast processing !

Vincent - Torronto - 26.07.2023  good


Jack - Texas - 23.07.2023  good

Everthing fine - Paypalmoney after 30 min. Will order more next time.

yellowey - Spain - 23.07.2023  good

PayPal transfer done after 20 min. Great experence. Will order more.

andré - paris - 22.07.2023  good

i found it here and this is only market that worked for me till now. Now i will buy presents for the whole fucking family !

Chriz - USA - 22.07.2023  good

Many Many Thanks, I receive it.

Inego - Germany - 21.07.2023  good


El_paso99 - Mexico - 15.07.2023  good

++++ super service highly recommended! Doesn't get any better on deepweb!

Crzzy-sh0pp3r - USA - 14.07.2023  good


f - Sweden - 13.07.2023  good

very nice ! willing to do transaction again!!!!!

XXXX - Belarus - 12.07.2023  good

Went Fine ! No Problems. Got the item as described. Thanks.

MaitreQuenelier - France - 11.07.2023  good

Fast email! Fast delivery!! Good order System would do business with again!! I like you very much.

Egor - Slowakia - 10.07.2023  good

thank you sir

purchaser - - - 08.07.2023  good

great service he always takes time and makes my order great he moves fast too

Ecrin - US - 07.07.2023  good

everything is fucking LEGIT! I'm bout to rack out. Love you bro! ESKETITTTT

iCake - USA - 06.07.2023  good

Highly recommend, It's really a big pleasure to deal with Alpha

Amir - Columbia - 06.07.2023  good

Great store i will be back he is for now on my only vendor..

Noah - Malaysia - 05.07.2023  good

Balance checked, balance was way MORE than i need lol. I will be buying from him/her again.

Harry - UK - 04.07.2023  good

good job brotha

Ecrin - Turkey - 02.07.2023  good

Recommend. After all these scams finally a TOP QUALITY!!!

lapin_cretin - Paris - 01.07.2023  good

Bid With Confidence, received the WU transfer after 40 min. Just As Described, Satisfied 100% :D Merci !

JB - US - 01.07.2023  good

leaving postive feedback

BlackHatJunior - USA - 19.06.2023  good

Awesome Seller !!!! Extremely Happy ))))

unkonwn - unkown - 18.06.2023  good

Firt time buyer - Got a little bit scared at first but now im happy to deal with you guys

Thérèse - - - 18.06.2023  good


Jamiro - Brazil - 17.06.2023  good

fast delivery, safe packaging, cards looking real , all good

Steve - US - 13.06.2023  good

5 star rating. Good serivce as always and i apprecheate the bonus.

Àdel - Brazil - 13.06.2023  good

Quick shipment - Really Great job sir!!!

Make - Pakistan - 12.06.2023   bad

Slow slow slow yesterday i received my first order in 10 minite now i'm waiting for my second paypal transfer for 2 hours!!!!!!!! be fast plzzzzzzzzzz

Raka - India - 12.06.2023  good

Recommended! thank you sir

ThEYs - USA - 11.06.2023  good


cokesniffers - Slovakia -11.06.2023  good

Tried first time and got my Cards yesterday. Will check the balance soon. Delivertime to Slovakia only 3 days. Good communication and service 5 star rating for you !

kenan - Austria - 07.06.2023  good

Nice work my friends ! Will defintily order again..

ccpurchaser - USA - 07.06.2023  good

Never got disappointed. Thank you guys !

manne - Germany - 01.06.2023  good

thank you

Leindgruber888 - Germany - 29.05.2032  good

Even better than described. I would definitely recommend this service to all my friends. Will order back asap A+++++

drakozor999 - Latvia - 29.05.2023  good

I highly recommend this seller. Just the best ! after I have been scammed several times by other websites I finally found the ONE ! Many thanks to all ya !

Pedro - Brazil - 21.05.2023  good

I don't have a job for 4 months but alpha helped me thanks

Ciatllor - Canada - 20.05.2023  good

thank you

L - Italy - 20.05.2023  good

Alpha best vendor ever my second order delivered fast and quick I'm looking for do more bussiness with you guys grazie

Tom - Germany - 19.05.2023  good

Very satisfied with my purchase, will certainly return for more products.

blackhat - Austria - 17.05.2023  good

wu transfer done after 2 hours. nice

purchaser - Germany - 16.05.2023  good

always good

alex - france - 14.05.2023  good

first card didnt arrived but done a reship for a $5000 card for half price.card arrived quickly but bad voting for delay

carderzz - US - 13.05.2023  good


_Malk00lm_ - Sweden - 11.05.2023  good

Order received extremely fast, very friendly transaction, I'm very happy with the Credit cards, all worked fine. I will defo buy again

TrevorGTA - USA - 10.05.2023  good

Thanks, I received my order promptly ! Really nice ! thanks a lot for the help ! for sure I will order back soon.

Ghostsh3ll - Germany - 10.05.2023  good

It's so fucking awesome !!!!!!!...I've talked about that to some friends and they NEED cards too ! Really hope you gonna stay online and last long... +++

Hellboy1818 - UK - 08.05.2023  good

Well done

Xhtml_boy - Chili - 08.05.2023  good

YESSS NIIICCCCEEEE ! )))) Smooth and easy transaction + AAA +

Jack.Le.Doseur - France - 07.05.2023  good

DAMMMMM it's fucking real that shit !!! ... Pulll up ! Raise it up ! I NEED MONEY $$$$

LiliRose - US - 06.05.2023  good

Great ! Fantastic ! Awesome ! I would definitely buy from you again and again. ))))

XxX - Croatia - 05.05.2023  good

Thanks a lot !! Superb Seller, breakneck speed, expertly graded ! Its fucking crazy how you do that ! Stunning purchase! Thanks again

XAAXXX - USA - 03.05.2023  good

YUP!! got my Paypaltransfer after 20 min ! I'm gonna make mooooneeeeey ^^ TY mate ! Cheers!!

b4rn3tt - Canada - 02.05.2023  good

Awwwwwesome ! :D :D :D :D cheers ! I've recommended youto some friends. They should be ordering soon :D :D :D THX for the transfer!

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